Daim Library Module Set Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
dmIBinaryMathApply morphological operation on binary masks
dmIColorSpaceMerge and split RGB images into multiple channels images
dmIColorSpaceGSCInterface for GSC decomposition
dmIColorSpaceGSLInterface for GSL decomposition
dmIColorSpaceHLSInterface for HLS decomposition
dmIColorSpaceHSVInterface for HSV decomposition
dmIColorSpaceOCPInterface for OCP decomposition
dmIColorSpaceRGBInterface for RGB decomposition
dmIColorSpaceYIQInterface for YIQ decomposition
dmIColorSpaceYUVInterface for YUV decomposition
dmIDaimInterface giving access to the the run-time instance of the library
dmIDocumentDaim document interface
dmIEventListenerEvent listener
dmIFileInputStreamDaim FileInputStream base interface
dmIFileOutputStreamDaim FileOutputStream base interface
dmIFiltersApply linear filters on image
dmIFlatFieldImplement Flatfield correction
dmIFractalsDo arithmetics operation between images
dmIFrameGrabberFrameGrabber base interface
dmIGetService< _Interface >Wrapper for accessing instance of resident modules
dmIGraphicsGraphic base interface
dmIHistogramsManipulate density histograms and pixel mapping
dmIImageInfoDaim image document interface
dmIImageListMaintain a array of images
dmIImageMapCompute various topological elements from a region description
dmIImageMap::PropertiesStructure holding properties values
dmIImageMathDo arithmetics operation between images
dmIImagePartsCompute image partition and handle operations on it
dmIImageShiftCompute shift between related images using correlations
dmIImageStatImplement methods for computing statistical properties of an image
dmIInputStreamDaim InputStream base interface
dmIInterface< _Interface >Wrapper for instanciating an module instance object of class _Interface
dmIKernelFamiliesKernel manager
dmILeastSquareImplement methods for fitting data using generalized leastsquare methods
dmILoaderDaim loader base interface
dmILoaderFactoryImplement methods for handling images based on mimes types
dmImageDataStore attributs of image data
dmIManagerDaim tool manager document interface
dmIMaskBufferMask buffer and calculator
dmIMemoryInputStreamDaim MemoryInputStream base interface
dmIMorphologyApply kernel-based morphological operations on image
dmIMTFCompute the ESF, LSF and MTF from edge
dmINotifyBase class for all daim interfaces
dmIOutputStreamDaim OutputStream base interface
dmIParametersHandle parameters for processing operations
dmIProfileCompute intensity profile from given path
dmIPropertiesImplement properties access methods
dmIPropertyListImplement methods for acessing structured properties
dmIProtocolHandlerDaim protocol handler base interface
dmIPyramidBuild a pyramid by downsampling with a convolution kernel
dmISnapshotInterface to manupulate individual image cache
dmIStorageMapImplement methods for storing and retrieving numerical data
dmIStreamLoaderDaim stream loader interface
dmIStringListString list container
dmIToolHistogramDaim ToolHistogram interface
dmIToolInfoTool manipulator
dmITransformsScale and rotate transformations
dmIZFocusReconstruct an image from list of images using a Laplacian pyramid fusion/reconstruction algorithm

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