dmIEnvironment Class Reference

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#include <CCI_Environment.h>

Inherits dmINotify.

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Public Types

enum  Constants

Public Member Functions

CONST char_t * GetFile (const char_t *name, dm_bool shared)
 Return path for the given filename.
const char_t * GetSpecialFolder (const char_t *name)
 Return special folder path.
bool CreateFolder (const char_t *name)
 Create a new folder in the user folder.
bool RegisterModules (const char_t *location)
 Register path for cci modules.

Detailed Description


Member Enumeration Documentation

enum dmIEnvironment::Constants

Flags Constants

Member Function Documentation

const char_t* dmIEnvironment::GetSpecialFolder const char_t *  name  )  [inline]

Return special folder path.

name can be one the followings:

  • LibDir : daim library path(s)
  • RootDir : daim library install path
  • UserDir : daim user directory
  • CacheDir : daim user cache directory

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