dmIFractals Class Reference

Do arithmetics operation between images. More...

#include <CCI_Fractals.h>

Inherits dmINotify.

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Public Member Functions

dm_real Setup (cci_object *params, dm_uint flags=0)
 Initialize image and region.
dm_real Lacunarity (dm_uint size, dm_uint flags=0)
 Compute the lacunarity for the size (in pixels).

Detailed Description

Do arithmetics operation between images.

Member Function Documentation

dm_real dmIFractals::Lacunarity dm_uint  size,
dm_uint  flags = 0

Compute the lacunarity for the size (in pixels).

The lacunarity is computed using the gliding box algorithm and for the given roi (i.e the box will "glide" on pixels belonging to the given roi, but taking into account pixels that lies outside the roi).

size is the size (in pixels) of the gliding box
flags combination of flags that control the algorithm:
  • CCIV_Lacunarity_Fractional : By setting this flag, ROI border correction is applied by taking into account for the fractional part of the gliding box outside the ROI.
the lacunarity value or -1 if the method failed

dm_real dmIFractals::Setup cci_object *  params,
dm_uint  flags = 0

Initialize image and region.

Call this method before any other methods.

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