dmIGetService< _Interface > Class Template Reference
[Using modules]

Wrapper for accessing instance of resident modules. More...

#include <daim_interfaces.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class _Interface>
class dmIGetService< _Interface >

Wrapper for accessing instance of resident modules.

Define a Resident Service as a class inherited from the interface given as template parameter. Wrap a CCI handle from the resident module instance list. The urn parameter specify the resident group to wich the instance is related, default is "daim://". Note that the returned instance may be shared among several objects and it is better not to keep the returned instance out of the scope where it is used.

the Service object expect to get an object for which AddRef() has bee called and it will call Release() on destruction.

ex :

    dmIGetService<dmIMyClass> _anInstance(urn); // Retrieve a shared instance of dmIMyClass
    // use it...

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