dmIMorphology Class Reference

Apply kernel-based morphological operations on image. More...

#include <CCI_Morphology.h>

Inherits dmINotify.

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Public Member Functions

bool ApplyKernel (cci_object *params, CONST char_t *kernel, int action, int iter, int operation)
 Apply a morphogical transformation.

Detailed Description

Apply kernel-based morphological operations on image.

Member Function Documentation

bool dmIMorphology::ApplyKernel cci_object *  params,
CONST char_t *  kernel,
int  action,
int  iter,
int  operation

Apply a morphogical transformation.

params parameter object ( see dmIParameters )
kernel the kernel family string id.
action the morphological operation to apply.
iter the number of iteration.
operation an arithmetic operation to perform between the original image and the result of the filter (see daim_operations for details)

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