dmINotify Class Reference

Base class for all daim interfaces. More...

#include <CCI_Notify.h>

Inherited by dmIBinaryMath, dmICacheManager, dmIClipboard, dmIDaim, dmIDocument, dmIEdges, dmIEnvironment, dmIEventListener, dmIFilePicker, dmIFilters, dmIFlatField, dmIFractals, dmIFrameGrabber, dmIGDIplus, dmIGraphics, dmIHistograms, dmIImageList, dmIImageMap, dmIImageMath, dmIImageParts, dmIImageShift, dmIImageStat, dmIInputStream, dmIKernelFamilies, dmILeastSquare, dmILoader, dmILoaderFactory, dmILstSqr2, dmIMaskBuffer, dmIMemory, dmIMorphology, dmIMTF, dmIOutputStream, dmIParameters, dmIProfile, dmIProperties, dmIPropertyList, dmIProtocolHandler, dmIPyramid, dmIResLim, dmISnapshot, dmIStorageMap, dmIStreamLoader, dmIStringList, dmIToolInfo, dmITransforms, dmIXMLParser, and dmIZFocus.

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Public Member Functions

dm_uint AddRef ()
dm_uint Release ()
bool SetUserData (dm_param _data)
dm_param GetUserData () const

Detailed Description

Base class for all daim interfaces.

This is the base interface for all daim interfaces objects. It implements the notification mecanism based on attributs values.

Member Function Documentation

dm_uint dmINotify::AddRef  )  [inline]

Add reference count for the underlying object. Objects are always created with a reference count of 1

dm_param dmINotify::GetUserData  )  const [inline]

Retrieve user data previously set using SetUserData

dm_uint dmINotify::Release  )  [inline]

Release reference count for the underlying object If the reference count goes to zero, the object is deleted.

bool dmINotify::SetUserData dm_param  _data  )  [inline]

Attach user data to the object ! This will trig a notification

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