dmIOutputStream Class Reference

Daim OutputStream base interface. More...

#include <CCI_OutputStream.h>

Inherits dmINotify.

Inherited by dmIFileOutputStream.

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Public Member Functions

dm_uint Write (dm_ptr buffer, dm_uint count)
bool Flush ()
dm_uint WriteFrom (cci_object *input, dm_uint count)
bool Close ()
dm_param Reason ()

Detailed Description

Daim OutputStream base interface.

Base interface for all daim OutputStream implementations

Member Function Documentation

bool dmIOutputStream::Close  )  [inline]

Close OutputStream and free resources

bool dmIOutputStream::Flush  )  [inline]

Flush OutputStream

dm_param dmIOutputStream::Reason  )  [inline]

Return the last error status

dm_uint dmIOutputStream::Write dm_ptr  buffer,
dm_uint  count

Write /a count bytes of data from /a buffer Return the number of bytes written

dm_uint dmIOutputStream::WriteFrom cci_object *  input,
dm_uint  count

Write /a count bytes from a dmIInputStream The default implementation allocate a buffer for passing data

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