dmIStreamLoader Class Reference

Daim stream loader interface. More...

#include <CCI_StreamLoader.h>

Inherits dmINotify.

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Public Member Functions

bool Read (cci_object *inputstream, cci_object *imagelist, dm_uint index, cci_object *loader=NULL)
 Read data from a stream.
bool Write (cci_object *outputstream, cci_object *imagelist, dm_uint index, cci_object *loader, dm_uint bi_flags=0, dm_uint bi_index=0, dm_uint bi_count=1)
bool SetText (const char_t *attribute, const char_t *value)
const char_t * GetText (const char_t *attribute)

Detailed Description

Daim stream loader interface.

Handle image streamed I/O

Member Function Documentation

const char_t* dmIStreamLoader::GetText const char_t *  attribute  )  [inline]

Get a text property

bool dmIStreamLoader::Read cci_object *  inputstream,
cci_object *  imagelist,
dm_uint  index,
cci_object *  loader = NULL

Read data from a stream.

Read data from inputstream and store the resulting image in imagelist at index index. If loader is null, then the loader determined by the dmIInputStream::GetContentType() will be used

bool dmIStreamLoader::SetText const char_t *  attribute,
const char_t *  value

Set a text property

bool dmIStreamLoader::Write cci_object *  outputstream,
cci_object *  imagelist,
dm_uint  index,
cci_object *  loader,
dm_uint  bi_flags = 0,
dm_uint  bi_index = 0,
dm_uint  bi_count = 1

Write image data to a stream

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