dmImageData Class Reference

Store attributs of image data. More...

#include <dmImageData.h>

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Public Attributes

EPixelFormat PixelFormat
dm_uint Width
dm_uint Height
dm_int Stride
dm_ptr Scan0

Detailed Description

Store attributs of image data.

Used to set/get data from internal Daim image buffers.

Member Data Documentation

dm_uint dmImageData::Height

Number of scan lines in the image

EPixelFormat dmImageData::PixelFormat

Pixels format

dm_ptr dmImageData::Scan0

Pointer to the first (index 0) scan line of the bitmap

dm_int dmImageData::Stride

Offset, in bytes, between consecutive scan lines of the image. If the stride is positive, the bitmap is top-down. If the stride is negative, the bitmap is bottom-up.

dm_uint dmImageData::Width

Number of pixels in one scan line of the image

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