nsIDaimColorSpace Interface Reference

Merge and split RGB images into multiple channels images. More...

import "nsIDaimColorSpace.idl";

Inherits nsIDaimImageList.

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Public Member Functions

void split (in nsIDaimParameters params)
void merge (in nsIDaimParameters params)
void extract (in nsIDaimParameters params, in PRUint32 channel, in PRUint32 index)
void splitColor (in nsIDaimQuad quad)
void mergeColor (in nsIDaimQuad quad)

Public Attributes

attribute PRUint32 channelFmt
attribute PRUint32 numChannels
readonly attribute PRBoolean canMerge

Detailed Description

Merge and split RGB images into multiple channels images.


Components image are stored into this object in buffer 0..n-1, where n is the number of components from the selected type of decomposition.

The format of the channels are either 8 bits and floating point pixel format ( see channelFmt for setting the format of the decomposition).

In floating point format the results are unormalized and the range of values varies on the type of decomposition used.

Implemented by:

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDaimColorSpace::extract in nsIDaimParameters  params,
in PRUint32  channel,
in PRUint32  index


Extract channel component from current parameter image

The extracted image will be stored at buffer index of the parameter image list. If index is -1, the image will be stored in the parameter imagebuffer object.

void nsIDaimColorSpace::merge in nsIDaimParameters  params  ) 


Merge image from imagelist components

void nsIDaimColorSpace::mergeColor in nsIDaimQuad  quad  ) 


void nsIDaimColorSpace::split in nsIDaimParameters  params  ) 


Split image into components

void nsIDaimColorSpace::splitColor in nsIDaimQuad  quad  ) 


Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute PRBoolean nsIDaimColorSpace::canMerge


Return true if the merge operation can be performed in the current colorspace

attribute PRUint32 nsIDaimColorSpace::channelFmt


Get or Set the pixel format of the channels

/note Only 8 bits and floating point pixel images are currently supported

attribute PRUint32 nsIDaimColorSpace::numChannels


Return the number of channels used in the decomposition

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