nsIDaimLoaderFactory Interface Reference

Implement methods for handling images based on mimes types. More...

import "nsIDaimLoaderFactory.idl";

Inherits nsIDaimNotify.

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Public Member Functions

void register (in ACString mime, in ACString loader, in PRUint32 flags)
void addMimeExt (in ACString mime, in ACString file_ext)
ACString getMimeType (in ACString filename)
void loadMimes ()
void getMimeInfos (in ACString mime, in PRUint32 key, in nsIDaimPropertyList propertylist, in PRUint32 flags)
void getMimeList (in nsIDaimStringList stringlist, in PRUint32 flags)
ACString getMimeExt (in ACString mime)

Detailed Description

Implement methods for handling images based on mimes types.


The LoaderFactory interface expose methods for referencing all registered mimes image types and associated loaders that the Daim library can handle.

The LoaderFactory should be invoked as resident daim service (NOT an XPCOM service) and initialized at startup with the LoadMimes() method

Implemented by:

Member Function Documentation

void nsIDaimLoaderFactory::addMimeExt in ACString  mime,
in ACString  file_ext


Associate a mime tye to a file extension

[in] mime the mime type associated to the extension
[in] file_ext an list of '|' separated file extensions (without '.').

ACString nsIDaimLoaderFactory::getMimeExt in ACString  mime  ) 


Return the first available extension for given mime type

void nsIDaimLoaderFactory::getMimeInfos in ACString  mime,
in PRUint32  key,
in nsIDaimPropertyList  propertylist,
in PRUint32  flags


Return informations about a particular mime type in a nsIDaimPropertyList object

[in] mime the mime type associated to the extension, if NULL then informations about all mimes type are returned as a sequence in the proplist obect.
[in] key the key to the entry in the property list
[in] propertylist the property list object
[in] flags specifies the type (readable or writable) of the list that you want to be returned.

void nsIDaimLoaderFactory::getMimeList in nsIDaimStringList  stringlist,
in PRUint32  flags


Return all registered mimes type in a nsIDaimStringList object The flags parameter specifies the type (readable or writable or both) of the list that you want to be returned.

ACString nsIDaimLoaderFactory::getMimeType in ACString  filename  ) 


Return the mime type associated to the file filename

void nsIDaimLoaderFactory::loadMimes  ) 


Load mimes type and register associated loaders. This method should be called at startup.

void nsIDaimLoaderFactory::register in ACString  mime,
in ACString  loader,
in PRUint32  flags


Register a module associated to a mime type

[in] mime the mime type associated to the loader
[in] loader the module class id
[in] flags specifies the type of the loader (readable or writable or both).

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