nsIDaimStreamLoader Interface Reference

import "nsIDaimStreamLoader.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void init (in nsIChannel aChannel, in nsISupports aContext)
boolean loaderExists ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute unsigned
attribute ACString contentType
attribute nsIDaimNotify loader
attribute nsIDaimImageList imageList
attribute PRUint32 imageIndex

Detailed Description


An interface for downloading data into image lists using necko channels

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Member Function Documentation

void nsIDaimStreamLoader::init in nsIChannel  aChannel,
in nsISupports  aContext

Initialize this stream loader, and start loading the data.

boolean nsIDaimStreamLoader::loaderExists  ) 

Return true if a default daim loader exists for the content type

Member Data Documentation

attribute ACString nsIDaimStreamLoader::contentType

Get or Set the content Type If the content type is not specified it will be determined from the request/channel contentType

attribute PRUint32 nsIDaimStreamLoader::imageIndex

Set the index of the image list

attribute nsIDaimImageList nsIDaimStreamLoader::imageList

Set the image list where the decoded content will be stored

attribute nsIDaimNotify nsIDaimStreamLoader::loader

Set the loader for handling the request content If not set, the default loader for the given content type will be used

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIDaimStreamLoader::numBytesRead

Gets the number of bytes read so far.

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