DAIM Project

Développement pour l'Analyse d'IMages.

Development for image analysis

XUL DAIM 0.3.6


  • Bugs fixed (api and ui)
  • Drgag'n Drop of images into catalogs
  • Better handling of snapshot and catalogs ui
  • Optimized median filter for 16 bits and 8bits images


  • Not released


  • Granulometric filters and classes - screenshot
  • Extensions manager
  • Configurable toolbars

Since the extension manager is now fully functional, the default user interface should stabilize with the macro command manager. Extra functionalities will be available as extensions.


Daim is a portable library dedicated to scientific image analysis.

Daim is written in standard C/C++ but does not rely on C++ link dependencies (only C).

The main purpose of this library is to provide "services" for the development of image processing softwares. It should meet the following requirements:

  • Cross platform portability.
  • "Rich" client interface - Extension of functionalities through dynamic loadings of modules.
  • Minimal main api interface - In order to facilitate encapsulation for an easier interface publication in third-party languages (Perl, Python ...)
  • Composite conception model. Extend functionalities by aggregation.
  • Easy integration of third party tools and library

This should enable easy integration in small or large scale projects without the burden of static linking compatibility.


  • Image document model.
  • IO abstraction model for images.
  • Containers for manipulation of image lists.
  • Binary Masks and ROI
  • 8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits, RGB, floating points ...
  • Image and ROI arithmetics
  • Multiple colorspaces image decomposition
  • User defined convolution filters
  • Granulometric analysis
  • Gaussian/Laplacian pyramid decomposition
  • FFT
  • Fractal lacunarity analysis
  • Cooccurrences matrices
  • Vectorial drawing engine over an abstract graphic layer for implementing interactive tools.
  • And more...


At this time, XUL DAIM is available only for Windows NT/XP/2000 platforms.

The library and the mozilla XPCOM wrapper (without the display plugin) will be soon available for Linux. It has been successfully compiled with GCC 3.4.3, 3.4.6, 4.0.1

A new protocol has been added to gecko that enable the display of an in-memory image buffer.

Public version of DAIM will be distributed under the terms MPL, GPL et LGPL.

DAIM XUL 0.3.6 (Windows installer)
A XUL/XPCOM/XulRunner application using daim components.
The distribution provides a prototype of a XUL image processing application.
A custom build of XulRunner is also provided with this distribution.
Please note that it is a Work in Progress...

Screenshot of the Xul Daim Application

TODO list:

  • Simplified interface for non expert users
  • Macro command shell (in progress)
  • Script manager (in progress)

For now, you can add image-processing capabilities in your XUL/Gecko application by using a set of XPCOM components that encapsulate calls to the the DAIM librairie.

DAIM Library Sources (zip archive)
A SVN repository should be available soon !
DAIM Html api and modules documentation (zip archive)
C/C++ Documentation for the DAIM api and modules.